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Epcom Music Group is a cultural and business initiative based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Initiated in the winter of 2015, Epcom Music exists to promote the musical efforts of artists in our Maritime talent pool.

Jim Stewart's "The Marco Polo Suite", is musical tribute to "the fastest ship in the world", the people who built her and  those who sailed upon her. Jim's studio album of this music was produced 1992 at the Epcom Studio, here in New Brunswick.  In 2002 the live multimedia production of   "The Marco Polo Suite - A Folk Opera", was presented by Opera New Brunswick at Saint John's Imperial Theatre.


On this web site you will find orchestral arrangements of Jim Stewart's Marco Polo Suite music. They have been created in the hope that amateur and professional orchestral musicians will incorporate Jim's memorable melodies into their repertoire and perform them with pride.


If you are looking for a musical tribute to New Brunswick and New Brunswickers,  please click on "Music" in the menu to your left and explore the sound bytes of each arrangement.


This website, and this home page , will be updated regularly as new arrangements are made available.


If you are a New Brunswick composer or arranger please consider posting your material on our Epcom music site. 

If you have questions or wish to place an order for an arrangement, please contact the arranger. The Marco Polo arrangements currently available  can be ordered by contacting: Christine@voicefactory.ca