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Epcom Music Group is a cultural and business initiative based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Launched in the winter of 2015, Epcom Music exists to promote the musical efforts of artists in our Maritime talent pool.


November 2018 Featured Ensemble "Goin' Baroque"


This Fredericton /Saint John performance group is a String Quartet that performs arrangements in a variety of styles and, when repertoire  demands, expands their sets to include vocal and woodwind soloists to perform new original works in concert.


Originally established to perform arrangements  written by Christine Jones to accompany her UNB chorale; Ian, Yiyang ,Gary and Chris found working on arrangements of  popular and traditional music for intimate audiences, to be both enjoyable and an important investment in the development of their sound.


Goin' Baroque's performance sets are a delightful addition to receptions, as dinner music ....and as after dinner music. Their sets  are designed to evoke fond memories and smiles as they perform music from a variety of eras. String quartet arrangements of Classical , Baroque, Early 20th Century Pop, Late 20th Century Pop, and a set featuring arrangements of New Brunswick composer Jim Stewart's Celtic influenced music.

If you have an interest in learning more about Goin' Baroque and/or booking them for a reception, banquet  or performance please contact: gary@voicefactory.ca  


Arrangements currently listed on this website may be ordered by contacting: christine@voicefactory.ca